About this blog

David was born and raised in Mikulcice in the South Moravia. His grandfather was well known Shoemaker. Martin Tomastik his cousin continues in the traditional way of producing shoes.

Life lesson
He tried to run a design shoe producing company during 2003-2005. The biggest success was Kabo styl 2005 winning design collection of Pavel Jevula, and Jitka Petrekova, where he designed and produced a collection of shoes.

Computer science
In 2006 David’s father asked him to start learning journey as Windows system administrator. City Nemcice nad Hanou, Municipality Rohatec, and Archlebov were some one of his customers. He received University diploma in 2012 at Fachhochshule Technikum Wien. The same year he moved to Prague to support Zenworks configuration management at Suse linux. Nowadays he works for Cisco Systems as Tier3 Support engineer in Advanced threat team. Here he gains the greatest experience in security such as Threatgrid, AMP, Private cloud as well as system administrator.

Private life
He’s happy father and enjoys free time with his family. He also helps with maitaining house rights and duties on behalf of flat owners U Smetanky 384. You can find him as the webmaster for www.svjusmetanky.webobce.cz
Beside of this he loves nature, forest and bushcraft. This leads him at least once per year to the Alps, Austria.
David’s recent hobby, is an acoustic quitar.
“We’re just overhelmed with data. It’s important to be able to explain complex issues in a simple way to anybody. Remember that there is a human at the opposite desktop. Sometimes it’s necessary to step back, and in calm manner discuss.
We all are busy, but to show the human factor is always a plus. I believe this is empathy”, as he says. This balanced state of mind he shows at work or in a private life.

This blog primary focuses on technical stuff, which is collected during his professional career as Windows and Linux System Administrator.

Be responsible for the place you live in, but do not stay in front of falling wall.