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Lago di Garda trip 2012 on HONDA CBF 600N

Day 1 I began trip to Lago di garda, from Prague the distance is about one thousand kms. It rained when I was leaving Prague.  I couldn’t see anything more than the back lights from the car in front of me. There was no place where to stay. In 3,5 hours I got home to the South Moravia. You should visit this place. The climate is warmer than in Prague. I’ll continue to Graz tomorrow. Today 280 km mainly on the highway-boring . Day 2 At around 10 am, I lubricated the chain, which is one of the most important things and left Breclav. The weather was sunny so I enjoyed the way to Graz. My Honda – CBF 600, has quite powerfull engine so the jorney was fast and safe. I took my first photo not far from Klagenfurt. You can see the picturesque country in Austria. The average petrol consume is 5,5 l per one hundred km. I decided to build my tent in the Faar see a small village in beautifull nature. This is quite close to Villach the city. The camping gruber is nice located, direct access to the beach of the lake. Showers and toilets are clean. The dissadvantage is 16 Euro person, tent and motorbike. I found very expensive especially the internet access: 7 Euro for 2 hours. However the weather improved and riding my Honda in the Alps is the real passion. I am going to reach the Adriatic sea tommorow:-) today I spent 15+30+12+16

Beautifull place for swimming in the mountain lake

Day 3 In the morning I went running in the nearest wood, than I leaft camping Gruber. I also met there a lot of people jogging or cycling. I took the second class road to the Villach. I stopped at nearest Petrol station to buy some coffee. There was an office with a woman, she pointed me towards the caffee machine. I inserted the coins but nothing happened. The bloody machnine didn’t recognize the coins! I was strongly dissapointed, so the woman unlocked it, took the coins, inserted and we got the same problem! She looked at the machine angrily and hit it with her hand. The machine started working and what more after I got the coffee it returned me my coins. Hopefully at this time the woman wasn’t there. As soon as I crossed the Italian border I saw the gorgeous mountains surrounded by the highway. The climate was hot in the Bibione.  Athough I took only a tent place, they charged me 44 Euros per night.

The water channel near Bibione

Day 4 I left the Bibione and immediately faced the traffic jam. The weather was so hot that I sweat a lot, which was incredibly unpleasant. The black learher suit was a terible costume that sunny day, It was torturing me. To survive I started driving slow speed beetween cars like all the others motorbikers, experienced. After two hours I rode only 60 kms. The traffic jam was also on the highway. You cann’ t imagine it! I was getting tired my T-shirt was soaked and I needed a rest for a while. I stopped at the Petrol station. I got a cold drink, while I was sitting on the pavement enjoying a lunch, suddenly an Italian van came. They stopped very close to me. An eldery man got off and pretending to be  thirsty. The driver accelerating his van, which was very annoying and rude towards me, because I was eating. I wanted to came up to him, but that I got the message! The side of the van had been already opened. They wanted me to loose the patience and go the the driver, but of course in the price of loosing all of my belongings! They left and I continued to Padova and Verona on the highway. I drove very fast and around 6pm I got to the Lago di garda. It was difficult to find a free place in the camping. After the whole day of driving I couldn’ t find anything. I was so tired, my head started aching. I though that I wouldn’t be able to continue. Leaving the main road aroud Lago, I rode further to the hilled area. I tried my luck in the one distinct place, I was riding on the tiny stony road, but when the lady looked at my poor look dressed in black leather, she told me no rooms available. Around 7pm I had been ridden 500kms! I simply couldn’t go any further. There was quite hot even in the evening. Lucckily I found a pick-nic place and parked my bike there. Although I was very happy, some insect sting me into the leg. I got a strong allergic reaction, which I have never had before. That day was incredible, but I managed it.

You cannot imagie, how much time people stay in their cars, to get there.

Day 5 I woke up at 7 am happy that nobody robbed me last night. I decided not to carry the back pack, but to tight it up on the back seat on the bike. That was much better. I rode to the Riva di Garda. The most beautifull place from my trip. I used the same strategy how to avoid the traffic jam on the road. This is one of the advantages having a motorbike. I was in a good mood again. All those picturesque villages around lake di garda, very nice. The second advantage is to park anywhere, don’t be asked for parking fee. Although something bad would came, this was deffinitely the best place from my holiday. People were practising windsurfing, having the best wind conditions. The water was a litle bit cold for the first impression, but swimming in the Garda lake is gorgeous. The water itself up to 2m crystal clean. On the way to bologna the weather rapidly changed. It started raining, getting cold. The temperature dropped 10 degrees. The differrence caused a me a bad sensibility. In one of the curves I used my back brakes, which was a mistake. The back tyre started whopping on the road. The road was very slippery. Using front brake the tyre blocked and the last think I remember was the dirrection towards the grass line. I used brakes on the white line which caused my fall. The first fall on my motorbike. The drivers from both directions stopped as they would help me to pick my bike up. Only broke wind shield and brushed plastic cover. Nothing worse happened, so far so good. My leather pants protected me. I knew that immediately I had to forgot about the accident and continue to ride further. When I got in the mountains I needed petrol but first petrol wtation was self service only. The second the same. My credit card in this machine didn’t work and I had only 50 Euros banknote. I asked one motorbikerand he told me that the machine does not give the change back. I had to buy something to drink in the nearest shop and inserted 10 Euro banknote into the machine started getting petrol. Finally I enjoyed beautiful “serpentines” highly curved roads in the mountains called Pianizza di Sopra and Mendolla. Finally I got into the Valley on the way towards Brennez.

Had a tent and stayed overnight. Gratis.
Close to Innsbuck

Next day I arrived in the Czech republic. Total 2150 kms.