CCNA security iins v3.0 study plan

Last year I had great experience in Anyconnect Tier3 support. This was an excellent exprerience to see all VPN related tickets. Company offered me 2 weeks intership in Boxborough (Boston) MA. At this moment I do review lessons in CBT Nuggets to get know iins v3.0 better.

I have to admit, that having access to ADSM Anyconnect ASA firewall, it’s the right way to prepare for this exam.

Exam questions type: “When ASA triggers the NAT process?” No tutorial other than live experience, gives you the training.

At this moment folks, please rather consider CCNA CyberOPS. CCNA Security certificate, really makes sense only if you can show and proof Yes I have worked with ASA, I know the difference between SSL and IPSec in ASDM
In next weeek, I’ll keep you informed how this plan to iins v3.0 goes.

Below is the Firefighter’s truck in Boston.