Backup files to FTP server Lenovo EMC from CentOS 6.7 application server

This project perfectly fits to have valid backup, after ransomware attack. Wannacry was able to encrypt all mapped drives in Windows including local disk in seconds.


    CentOS 6.7 – application server, tomcat, Postgres, Java application
    NAS LENOVO EMC – in the same LAN, allows only FTP not SSH by factory defaults
  • yum install curlftpfs
  • CurlFtpFS is a filesystem for accessing FTP hosts. more info More info about curlftpfs

  • Your source directory is /home/djanulik/Documents/zalohy/keo4/
  • curlftpfs /mnt/w -o user=username:password
  • This mounts the FTP into local file system under /mnt/w

  • Please note, if you run directly the rsync to dest directory, you will receiver error 95.
    1. Operation not supported (95)

    The FTP does not allow to create temp files. Instead you should create those temp files locally. This is done directly with rsync using –temp-dir=/home/djanulik/Documents/temp/rsync

  • mkdir -p /home/djanulik/Documents/temp/rsync
  • rsync -rav –temp-dir=/home/djanulik/Documents/temp/rsync /home/djanulik/Documents/zalohy/keo4/a0-keo4-cosArch-vac_auto_2016-07-13.csv /mnt/w
    1. More info about RsyncRsync is a fast and extraordinarily file copying tool
  • Finally you can schedule the regular job with cron